Our activities

The discovering of traditional music is the heart of our activities and is the main priority all along the project.

It consists of three steps:
–  A preparatory course
–  The stay abroad
–  The coming back

The preparatory course prior to departure
The preparation lasts from 6 to 12 months and its objective is to allow each participant to take the most out of the encounters and discoveries they will do once abroad. It consists of:

The musical preparatory course
Introduction to a traditional music, which is new to the participants through instrumental, dancing and singing workshops with experienced teachers.
Introduction to music through its history and active listening
Learning orally rythms, phrasings, melodies and musical ornamentations Transposition of some pieces to brass instruments
The whole musical content is defined together with the condustor and all the musicians

The intercultural preparatory course
This opening to intercultural encounter is driven by a specialist. A whole week end is organised where informations, role plays, games and knowledge are as many tools used to make us conscious of our and others’ culture.

Health recommendations
According to the destination, a specialized doctor runs a presentation on the various constraints and requirements to a specific environment.

The stay abroad

The stay abroad allows a complete immersion into the culture and gives its full meaning to the studied music. It consists of:

The continuation of the musical initiation with experienced musicians
Musical activities are various (orchestra work, singing, dancing and instrumental workshops, small ensembles, improvisation workshops). As often as possible, the teachers are the musiciens who run the training prior to departure. Otherwise, the teachers will be professional musicians who live in the country visited.

The participation of local musicians
The aim is to create the conditions of a real musical encounter by opening the course to local musicians,who have approximately the same musical level and the same age as the French participants.

The discovery of musical bands
In concerts, festivals, traditional ceremonies or on other occasions.

Lodging conditions
They are as close as possible to our hosts’ living conditions.

Human and geographical environment discovery
Through visits of the area, excursions and encounters with local people.

Coming back

Once back, it is time for feedback but also time for sharing the experience and the knowledge gained through a concert, through films or pictures, or other ways.